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Mamre Oaks Ltd works closely with the community and welcomes people who are inspired to join us as befrienders of our adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to work alongside with them in the daily programs and activities. We are also open to volunteers who may have programs and activities that will benefit our members.


No matter how big or small your donation, it is very much appreciated. Your donations will go towards helping to make the life of our special members more meaningful and fulfilling. To cover our operating costs, all donations go to the work we are doing for our special members and their family.

We have attained our IPC status (Institutions of a Public Character) with the Commissioner of Charity. All donations are tax deductible and the amount will be automatically included in your tax assessment, only if you have provided your Tax Reference name and number (e.g. NRIC/FIN/UEN). You do not need to file again your donation claim in your tax form.

You can donate through,

1. - Trusted by all,

it is backed by the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth, and you can be sure
that the funds you raise go only to registered charities.



2.  Cheque - Post your Cheque to us at

Mamre Oaks Ltd
490 East Coast Road,
St Patrick's School, Brothers' Residence,
Singapore 429058



Our members enjoy Arts and Crafts sessions with volunteers at our centre, and they have created many beautiful items as a form of therapy. To date they have created:
• Thank You cards
• Making flowers from plastic bags for our fund-raising
• Making decorative art piece using HAMA beads.
• Canvas paintings

More updates coming soon. 

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