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To cater to our members with intellectual disabilities, our dedicated team of staff plan a range of sensory and artistic activities such as arts and crafts, boxercise, Zumba, yoga and many more to encourage creative expression and social engagement as well as to improve their physical and overall well-being.


"Home is where you don't have to be anybody but yourself. You don't have to be good enough, clean enough, smart enough. You don't have to guard your heart, deny your mistakes or hide your wounds. You don't have to pretend to be somebody you are not so that you can belong. Because at home, you belong already. You are a child of God

So, when in Mamre Oaks, we say to you: come in, come as you are. Come in, come and dance with us!"

- Geraldine Szeto (left in picture)


Arts & Crafts

Our members are introduced to a range of art materials. Art activities are essential in providing them an outlet for expression and to be engaged with their surrounding. It also helps to foster their self-esteem.


Our members are given opportunity to do urban farming in the Centre and a a real-time look at how food is grown. It helps them to appreciate mother nature, healthy eating habits and an understanding where their food comes from.


Baking & Cooking

Cooking and baking is another creative outlet for our members to get involved. With the help from our staffs and volunteers, our members are guided through the process to prepare their meals or to bake a range of delicious pastries. 

Yoga, Zumba, Boxercise, Music

Every week, our fitness instructors would be present to engage our members in physical activities such as boxercise, zumba and yoga to improve their physical strength. We also have music programs to encourage creative self-expression, motor skills and multi-sensory stimulation.


Monthly Outings, Workshops & Therapeutic Activities

Occasional outings and therapeutic workshops are introduced to encourage social engagement and to expand their knowledge and imagination. 

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